Wellness Warriors Connect

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Our mission is to create a supportive and educational environment for like-minded people to meet and form a community while learning ways to overcome barriers to optimal wellness.

Susan Garrison, MSW, LCSW is a clinical psychotherapist and life-coach specializing in helping adults and adolescents with anxiety, trauma and other mood disorders. Susan uses neuroscience concepts as well as teaching emotional regulation skills in her practice. She combines her love for art, dance and movement into a unique body-centered approach to bring healing into her clients' lives. After many years of clinical practice Susan is passionate about bringing wisdom from her client work to teaching workshops and retreats. Her hope is to foster deep growth and lasting change. 

"It is my privilege to help others do a deep dive into personal growth."  S. Garrison

Lee Everett, DPT, MPT is a physical therapist in private practice and an Illinois state sponsor of continuing education for medical professionals. She has been a group fitness instructor and certified Pilates instructor for several years and is passionate about helping people prevent and recover from injuries as well as find exercise that is right for them.  She is a dynamic and sought after lecturer having been invited to present in many forums.  It has long been Lee's passion is to help all find their healthymotion; to maximize their wellness, make their body strong and resistant to injury, and lead them to an optimal life. 


"The correct type and amount of motion and exercise will make you feel good."  L. Everett

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