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Healthymotion DVD

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This exercise video was created to show 3 different body types using props to customize for each type. The three types are: Tight, naturally "loose", and normal flexibility. This prevents injury with exercise and makes it effective for each type.

If you don't know your type there is a short test motion at the beginning for you.

Lee became passionate about bringing Healthymotion to everyone while treating patients as a physical therapist. Disheartened by well-meaning people who got hurt trying to exercise, Lee was asked by many, "What exercise is safe for me?" Lee then began to watch and assess every exercise video available and found nothing much. So, she decided to create her own, thinking carefully what to include and what to omit, in a set of exercises that would be effective. Then Lee picked three of her clients to illustrate the differences in types and show ways to modify each exercise to meet their needs.

Many clients that have used this DVD say that they feel the exercises in the right muscles every time they use it! You gotta try this!

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